First Shareables!

**Update: I thought I was being smart with the shortened links, but apparently I was just posting dead links!  So here’s the full links…a little long but they should all work now! Thanks for being patient!**

Hello fellow humans!  Thanks for all the love for our intro video and first Monday blog post!  Keely will be posting next Monday – so get excited!

I already have several links I want to share with you, check them out:

  • Check out the newest single from Anna Wise…you’ll love it!

  • This clothing company seems pretty awesome and unique all around but especially check out their “Wild Feminist” line!
  • Some thoughts on rape culture and how our society treats women when they are sexual and/or empowered for themselves only:

  • Related to the above topic, start following Lindsey on Twitter NOW (@CardsAgstHrsmt)…her #ShirtlessShamers2016 feed is always worth noting.
  • And check out this graphic on Asian American and Pacific Islander female workers:

  • Lastly, make sure you also follow Ijeoma Oluo on Twitter (@IjeomaOluo).  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again for reading…make sure you follow our blog on WordPress so you always get notified when we post.  And make sure you’re sharing our email with those in your life who might have feminist conundrums/questions:!!




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