Many of you probably already know, but some of you may not, that Ellen and I both adore elephants. And it’s certainly no secret that we both love feminism. So what could be better than combining our love for both?! So I did a little bit of research and here is why I think female elephants make great feminists:

  • They go through life belonging to a group of nearly all females: Elephant herds consist of mothers, babies, female cousins, sisters and are guided by an older matriarch. The males leave the herd when they hit puberty around age 14. So essentially a group of women support and rely on one another to sustain and enjoy life. Few things excite me more than ladies supporting and empowering one another!
  • They have non-committal sex and then raise their babies with other females: Male elephants travel from herd to herd looking for various mates, while the ladies stay in their close-nit networks to raise their children. Motherhood is not dependent on the presence fathers. Female elephants are independent of males and focus on raising their young with the support of other women. Female collaboration is a beautiful thing.
  • They have super adorable reunions with their besties: Elephants have well-developed memories and are able to recognize their distanced friends from the past. When they reconnect, they spin around in circles, release a trumpet noise from their trunk, and let those big ‘ol floppy ears fly. How cute is that?! And how beautiful is it to relish in the joy of being in the presence of an old friend?
  • They’re compassionate: I believe that all great feminists have roots in compassion. Elephants show concern and care for other wounded creatures. They also grieve the loss of loved ones. They have big hearts to match their big bodies.
  • They’re herbivores (vegetarians!!): ‘nuff said. (More on this later)
  • They help out their neighbors: Elephants dig holes that reveal underground water resources. When the climate gets especially dry, smaller animals are able to enjoy the water from the springs.
  • They give back to the Earth: Because of their vegetarian diet, elephants spread fertilized plant and fruit seeds in new places when they excrete waste, which helps sustain and grow their ecosystems (I know, not the most pleasant image but still cool!).

Not only are elephants beautiful and majestic, but they celebrate their communities around them and value their connectedness to others. One of my favorite feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, says that we should all be feminists. I think we should all be elephants.


Elephant facts source: Animalfactguide.com


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