Summer Reads

We’ve found ourselves in a familiar space. It is, again, time for a guest blogger, and yet….. we have more book recommendations instead. We are still working through the process of pestering our future guests (the wait will be worth it, we’re certain), so we thank you for your patience! In the mean time, if you’re needing some ideas for books to read over the Summer, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

From Ellen:

Aziz Ansari’s recent book, Modern Romance, is a must read for anyone that’s dated in the last five years – and for anyone curious about how the dating landscape has changed in the last generation or two.

With humor and extensive research, Ansari, alongside Eric Klinenberg, examines what it’s like to date in the world of the internet, profile pictures and instant gratification. It is so well researched and yet totally accessible and fascinating.

You’ll receive tips on how to compose the best online dating profile and the book will make you want to go eat your way through Asia..what more could you ask for?

An engaging and timely study on the world of dating today, go pick up Modern Romance from your local bookstore or library…you’ll be glad you did!
Modern Romance

From Keely:

Missoula by Jon Krakauer provides an accurate, unsettling, and well-written depiction of the handling of rape cases in a college town swallowed in football team loyalty. Krakauer takes readers step by step through the devastation and disappointment that young survivors of rape experience when the system fails them… which is far too often.

Missoula is not an attack on all higher education institutions or athletic programs, but a wake up call that this issue is to be taken seriously. With such a complex and sensitive topic, Krakauer covers all corners of each case and helps readers navigate the confusion of policy, hearings, and the justice system.
This book illuminates the voices of sexual assault survivors and uncovers the systematic changes that are so desperately needed in creating safe and healthy spaces for learning and growth.



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