Forward Festival Fashions

Festival season is back and the festival fashion trend is coming in strong this year! More than ever before, I’ve seen several clothing store websites advertise their new lines as “The Festival Look”. I’m sure most of you have seen the crop tops, the arm bangles, the high waisted shorts, the round reflective ray bans, the plaid shirt tied around the waist, the face paint, and of course the flower crowns. I go to a music festival every year in downtown Cincinnati and this year I wanted to get some inspiration for what outfits to wear. And where else would I go besides Pinterest? Duh. All I had to type into the search bar was “festival fashion” and in an instant, I saw the festival fads.

And I loved them.

But as I was scrolling through the bohemian-modern-hippie-sex-hair looks, I noticed a trend I didn’t care for as much. Every picture I saw was of an ultra thin, young, white, woman. This is not a accurate representation of the actual attendees of music festivals. Now… this is a feminist blog and there will be NO skinny shaming. However, when I was looking through the festie pins, I was thinking “OH! That’s cute! OHHHH! That’s cute! OHHHHHH!…” And so on. But  when I saw these outfits, I had no idea what they would look like on me. My bones aren’t as narrow as the pictures were representing and I got a badonk.

So, I texted my festie bestie (if you don’t have a festie bestie, it’s essential… get on that) and I told her about my frustration. I wanted to see pictures that represented not only me, but all sizes, all ages, all colors. I got to talking with her and we decided to make a blog post about this. We reached out to our fashionable friends and asked if they could send us a picture of themselves in an outfit they would wear to a festival and write a statement about why they decided to wear the outfit. We hope as you scroll through these pictures and statements below you feel inspired by the fashion choices and you see the incredible beauty in each individual as they express themselves and their excitement for festival season through their style.

-From Bailey, a dear friend of the #empowercouple



Ellen: I chose this outfit because Bailey said it’s festival wear and she’s teaching me what that means. The shirt is quite light so I feel cool and apparently pineapples are very “in” so I also feel fashionable! I don’t wear shorts very often, especially non-athletic shorts, but in the midst of my body revolution, I feel excited and empowered in them!



Elsie: I chose the outfit because it’s something I feel really comfortable in, but I also feel like I look good in it too. I’m not self conscious or worried about how I look in it, which means I would be able to have more fun if I was at something like a music festival.


Keely: I feel great in this outfit because I think it expresses my personal style well, pushes me a bit out of my comfort zone (what better time than a festival?), and also feels practical for standing outside for most/all of the day. I love to wear bright and contrasting colors and tend to dress in bohemian-inspired clothes. I like the way that my darker lips and earrings compliment my yellow tank top and I love the “flowyness” of my vest. I think this look suits me well. Showing some skin from my midsection is not something I really do. As I continue to feel more comfortable with and proud of my body, I love the idea of showing off my confidence. So, it may not seem very daring, but letting the world see a part of me that I am often uncomfortable with feels empowering. Finally, my Chacos are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. They are durable in mud, rain, and probably even beer being spilled on them. I think they’re ideal for a music festival!


My: These clothes make me feel comfortable which is so important for me when I am getting ready to sweat my butt off at a festival! Dressing stylish, being comfortable, and feelin’ classy is always my go-to style!



Sarah: I like this outfit because the shirt is very light, which works well with the heat of the festival. Plus sized women are often told to cover up as much as we can, when really we should just be free and expressive!


Yolanda: I chose the white shirt because it’s a statement piece and the fringe and tribal-like design are in keeping with festival style. I also like that it flatters my figure and it’s flowing so it will be nice and cool. I chose the open-toe boots because I want to be tall, comfortable, and be able to see the show over the masses.


I chose the maxi dress because it’s super-easy and stylish and the empire waist makes it nice and flowing. I love the colors and geometric print, too! (And keeping it real, if I need to pee in a field, I guess I could probably do that pretty easily in this dress.) I like the platform heels because they’re comfortable and I can see the show and tower over people. The jean jacket with the motorcycle styling adds a city edge, and will keep me warm if it gets cool at night or if the weather is not ideal. I chose the bag because it’s neutral so it will go with almost anything I wear. It’s deceptively roomy, too! And the texture adds some visual interest. I can also wear it cross-body so I won’t lose it while dancing. I packed it with my wallet, a cold pack just in case I get super-hot, baby wipes, which are useful for many purposes, a mini water bottle, and my flask (because I may want a pick-me-up during the show).

A special thanks to all these fierce ladies for sharing their style and confidence with us 🙂


2 thoughts on “Forward Festival Fashions

  1. jheidenescher says:

    OH MY GOODNESS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SO MUCH. Like seriously, so many of my favorite people modeling clothes for everyone. God bless you all. I wish I was as cool as all of you. I’m like actually geeking out that I know you all. I love you ladies. Wah!


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