Links and Hope

It has been a week.  It’s been a month.  Jeepers.

It’s too much for me to write another intentional, personal post this week.  I’m sorry and I could make excuses but I’ll just say, Keely is making her big come back next week (!!) and we have an awesome guest blog for you the week after that.  In the meantime, here’s some stuff I think you should check out:

This interview with Lindy West where, among other things, they talk about her lovely, important new book Shrill.

And for your convenience here’s a link to the Tumblr feed Lindy references in her interview.

This Huffington Post article

These shirts from Tee Rico.  I know there’s not many available currently…and there was another design that’s not currently posted.  I just wanted all of you to have this page bookmarked for when they have your size and lots available.

Artist Sophia Wallace.  Seriously.  All the projects you can look at on her site are magnificent.

Jessica Valenti’s newest book….finished it a couple weeks ago and it is vulnerable and beautiful and hard.

Deray McKesson’s twitter.  Follow him.

Love to all of you.  Work for peace and equality.




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