Dear Empowered Friends

Dear Empowered Friends,

I apologize for not providing a more thoughtful post this week, but I have just finished leading a week-long retreat for my faith community… and I am exhausted. Our week was rich with challenging conversations, personal growth, and loving community. As an introvert, however, my energy levels are depleted. I look forward to processing this week and sharing more soon 🙂

For now,  I’d like to simply offer an opportunity for readers to reflect on empowerment in their own lives. Take a moment to think about a woman in your life worthy of recognition for something they have said or done. I encourage you to share and recognize your admiration to them.

Now, take a moment to appreciate something YOU have said or done that has empowered yourself or others. Perhaps you might want to consider how you might do this in the coming week. Please feel free to share with us what you come up with!

Also, I hope to dive into this more soon, but DEFINITELY continue to appreciate all of the amazing women competing and kicking ass in the Olympics!

With love,



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