It’s Almost Time…Vote!

We are less than two months away from Election Day (November 8th) so it’s time for a friendly, feminist reminder to vote.

Please vote.  SO many people that can don’t and that’s just maddening to me.  I always think it’s important to vote, but it’s especially important to vote in a general election when the job of President is up for grabs (ie: this year).

The candidates for President are really different so presumably the country will look pretty different depending on who is elected.  Additionally, whoever is elected President will be appointing at least one Supreme Court Justice, if not two or three.  Those Justices will be ruling on lots of controversial issues in the next year, and, I say again, THE PRESIDENT APPOINTS THE JUSTICES (our current situation notwithstanding).

And there are LOTS of Congress seats on the ballot this year.

Please vote.  You can vote absentee if you’re away at school.  You can probably vote early if you don’t want to wait in line on Election Day.  You can vote on Election Day and get that nifty “I voted” sticker and take a selfie, post it to your social media and tell all your friends.  There’s options, here.  Just vote.

I don’t always love it either, okay?  There will probably never be a presidential candidate as anti-war and anti-militarization as me.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote for the candidate that best represents my views.  Sometimes it does feel like voting for the lesser of two evils, but I’d still rather have less evil than more.

The Skimm – a quick, hip news site – has a handy webpage with info on the presidential candidates and how to register to vote.

Of course voting registration deadlines vary state to state since you register with your state of residence so there’s no catch-all registration website.  But check here for helpful voting links.

This site is helpful for finding out who’s running for the available seats in Congress.  Click on your state in the column on the right.

I’m always encouraging people to vote, but especially this year because it really is an election that could change a lot of laws/policies in the U.S. and it’s up to us to decide what type of changes.  Voting matters.

xoxo, Ellen


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