You Are Not Alone

It seems almost pointless now to talk about the election.  How could I say anything new?  

And yet…how could I not use this public platform to speak about it the Monday after the election results?

I was feeling especially emotional during Election Day.  Seeing posts of three generations of women going to the polls to vote for Clinton.  Posts of folks remembering their parents or grandparents who didn’t live to see the election this year, but who would have been so excited to vote for the first viable female presidential candidate.  Posts of people proudly voting Clinton with their child(ren) in tow.  It was all getting to me and really making me feel the weightiness of the moment  We all witnessed history last Tuesday.  We saw more than half the country who voted, vote for a woman.  That is incredible.  

And it makes her defeat sting all the more.  

I am devastated and afraid and anxious.  Because America elected another man to the White House.  Because Congress and the presidency will be Republican controlled.  Because the person who won the election has taken hate and fear to the legislative level.  Because some of my rights and the rights of other minorities are being called into question in ways that so many people support.  

I don’t know everything we can do.  I don’t even know how to get out of bed sometimes since Tuesday.  But I do know talking to other people helps.  So does Carrie Newcomer Pandora.  So does donating money to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s honor.  And stopping Islamophobia (and other forms of discrimination) when I see it (here’s a handy guide on what to do if you see someone getting harassed).

Reach out to people.  Ask for what you need.  Be willing to help.  

You are not alone.

xoxo, Ellen


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