Reminders for your Monday

This is a hard day/hard week/hard month, people.  For reasons personal and beyond.  In lieu of a guest blog today, I’m just going to give you some reminders, for your consideration.  

  • No humans are better/more deserving of love and dignity/more worthy than other humans.  And maybe you read that and think, “well, duh” but there is such oppression occurring all the damn time because some people think they matter more than others.  Treat your neighbors (community neighbors and global ones) with respect and compassion.  Do it relentlessly.  
  • With that in mind, you matter.  You really really do.  You matter simply because you’re a human being.  You are worthy of love and attention and dignity.  Not more or less than anyone else.  Treat yourself with respect and compassion.  Do it relentlessly.
  • When people are cruel to you, treat them and yourself with respect and compassion.  Sometimes that might look like not being in relationship with those people and wishing them well from afar.  
  • Your income, weight, gender, sexual orientation, address, family, diet, debt, skin color or ethnicity do not define you in any negative way.  If any or all of those things make you happy, by all means, let them help define you.  But none of those factors have to define you as less than.  You are enough.  And the same applies to your neighbors.
  • Your thoughts, actions and words make a difference.  For good or for ill they make a difference so practice mindfulness as often as possible.  

Probably like a lot of you, I’m noticing this gloomy, scary cloud descending.  I vacillate between feeling powerless, angry and afraid.  But I know together, we are stronger.  Protect and love each other, okay?

xoxo, Ellen


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