Cell Phone Don’t Care

I am sorry you didn’t get your empower couple fill yesterday.  As usual, it was totally my fault.  I’m struggling with our schedule.  

But this week I have to tell you about something that happened to me five or six days ago.  My phone broke bad and I took it to a cell repair place.  The employee working at the time was plenty professional and kind.  He emailed me when it was ready later that evening and I headed back.  While perusing cell phone cases, he asked me how old I am and I responded – slightly shocked – and said, “why?  Am I too old to own an iphone 4?”  He said, “No…you eat all the food?”  And he starts gesturing at my chin.  

He had an accent that was not American and I assumed I was misunderstanding him, but I tentatively reply, “yes?”.  And he goes on to say I need to lose weight and that I’m too young to be heavy.  I say, “oh…okay” and pick out a case.  Then while walking back to the register to pay, he says again that I need to lose weight and that my face would be pretty if I did.  I again respond with, “oh, okay” mentally urging him to just ring me up so I can get the hell out of there.  While I pay, HE ASKS ME IF I BIKE.  I’m like, “nope”.  Finally, I’ve paid and hightail it out of there.

I was in shock at first and then angry.  I kind of still can’t believe this happened to me.  I’ve never had a stranger comment on my weight like this.  

I’ve had a few days away from the situation and, while it’s not taking up as much of my head space, I still feel pretty angry and indignant.  First of all, how does this dude know that I’m not trying to lose weight?!  What if I’ve already lost 100 pounds and had already worked out this day when he told me I’m too fat?  Or, what if I’m super happy with how I look and weigh and move through the world?  But more to the point, WHO GAVE THIS GUY THE RIGHT TO COMMENT ON MY BODY?!  


Apparently he just thought it was open for discussion since he had an opinion.  And it pissed me off further that he thought I would want to be considered “pretty” by him.  Gross.

I’m not into it.  Not even a little bit.

I’ve basically never had someone say something negative about my weight outside of my family and this was a new kind of anger.  I am so confident that others have thought this after seeing me, but luckily, up until now – they’ve kept their opinions to themselves.  I don’t think I regret saying nothing in response…honestly I was so taken aback.  Further, I probably only would have said something if he had been white.  So I do not regret that and I honestly really wasn’t hurt (yay body positivity practice!).

But no thanks, cell phone repair guy.  I quite literally do not care what you think about my body and age and exercise regimen.  

Friendly reminder: do not tell strangers what you think of their bodies as a general rule.


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