Women of the New Year

I don’t really get excited about the beginning of a new year. There’s a lot of pressure around doing something epic and exciting for the hours leading up to midnight. Resolutions feel cliche and have never actually been successful for me. I don’t usually gain a lot from deeply reflecting on the year that is coming to an end. Overall, it feels anticlimactic. When midnight strikes, nothing actually feels any different. I am still impacted by the pain I’ve experienced in the last 365 days. I have no more clarity about what decisions I might make in the months to come. And I am not naive to the challenges that I will inevitably face heading into a new year.

I realize that I have grinch-like tendencies toward New Year’s Eve/Day (okay, I’m just generally a bit cynical). But for many, the end of the calendar year brings out self-reflection, goal setting, celebration of accomplishments, and recognizing the challenges one has overcome. I try to be supportive of those who find joy and growth in looking back on the previous year and looking forward to the next.

I’m just not sure that I get as much out of it as others. And so I’ve tried to envision ways that I can make New Year’s meaningful and true to myself. In the months to come, I know that I will be faced with big changes and decisions. But I don’t know exactly what will happen in the moments between those big changes and decisions, so it is difficult for me to settle on a “resolution.” I do know, however, that I will need guidance, support, and inspiration when those changes and decisions come about.

And so, I look to other women. Women who have shared in my uncertainty. Women who have shared in my excitement. Women who inspire me. Women who are strong and wise. Women who are true to themselves. Women who have empowered themselves and others. (Okay, I’ll admit, my unofficial resolution is to be more like Cristina Yang).


I don’t have a measurable goal in mind that I’d like to accomplish in the next year. I don’t want to pretend that this year will not bring some amount of disappointment. I don’t particularly want to look back on all that I’ve learned and experienced in the past year. But I do want to become a woman more true to myself as I continue to navigate life.

Maybe you’ve written down all the major happenings of 2016 to reflect upon. Maybe you’ve set a measurable goal for 2017. Maybe you had an epic couple of hours leading up to midnight. Maybe… you need more badass women in your 2017.

Whichever ways you recognize or don’t recognize the new year, I hope that you find support and inspiration in the days, months, and years to come.





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