An Empowered Update

Dear Readers,

We started this little blog almost a year ago with a long list of possible topics and ambitious goals.  We have been overwhelmed by the responses, comments and shares we’ve gotten on social media and are honored that several women have shared powerful guest posts with us.  

Not surprisingly perhaps, life looks pretty different for us now than it did a year ago.  We are no longer in the same state and we both have academic responsibilities that keep us quite busy.  And so, after conversation and careful thought, we are changing our blog schedule to better accommodate our lives and bring you more meaningful content.  

Going forward, we will be posting when we have something to post.  This means it could be twice a month, or it could be less often.  But no matter when we post, you can count on it being something we think is worth reading and sharing.  We will continue to search for great guest bloggers and will continue living that empower couple life as best we can.

Thank you for engaging with us and growing with us.  You’re really something else.


Keely and Ellen

The empower couple


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